Burning Bush

Illustration by Bob Aul “As Republican former governors, senators and public officials, we urge our party to renew its allegiance to the proven, common-sense values that unite America. Instead of partisan ideology—which increasingly has led moderates to leave the party—what's needed is a speedy return to the pragmatic, problem-solving mainstream. Here's how the president and Republican-majority Congress can send that clear signal to the nation:

“•Stop weakening environmental law—and once again protect our air, water and public lands as Teddy Roosevelt and other great Republican leaders intended;

“•Restore fiscal responsibility—with 'pay-as-you-go' budget discipline to end record deficits that jeopardize economic growth;

“•Put the health of millions first—and clear the way for embryonic stem cell research;

“•Appoint mainstream federal judges—and respect the Constitution;

“•Make America safer—and protect cities and towns, still vulnerable three years after Sept. 11, by securing chemical and nuclear plants and shipping containers;

“•Rebuild our alliances—with real partnerships and restore America's standing in the world.

“By returning to the mainstream in these ways, our party can regain the trust of a divided nation and earn a vote of confidence in November.”

Statement signed by 17 former Republican governors, senators, state attorney generals, and members of the Nixon and Ford administrations that appeared on a full-page ad of the Aug. 30 edition of theNew York Times. To learn more, log onto www.backtothemainstream.org.

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