Burger Parlor Finally Opens In Fullerton!

A 35 (or more) minute wait for a burger can only mean one thing– Burger Parlor is now open in downtown Fullerton! Sunday was the official start date, and we jumped in line to order our O.C. and Royal with Cheese feasts. The purple people eater above is dubbed their Portlandia burger: marinated beets, pickled carrots, sprouts, arugula and topped with a seriously fried, oozing slice of mozza.

With chalkboard menus and a wraparound counter offering a full view of the kitchen, we snagged a couple of bar stools directly behind the beer taps. Coincidentally, it was also behind owner/expeditor Joseph Mahon and his endless row of order tickets. He mentioned a growing line outside before they unlocked the doors at 11 a.m.

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Craft brews including Arrogant Bastard, the Bruery's Loakal Red and Racer 5 are options on their menu, but as you can see above, aren't quite ready to pour. Give them to the weekend. He quoted sooner, but when you've got to rely on a third party to get something done, we expect delays. Their cereal milkshakes are scheduled for mid-month.

Maximum headroom is 87, not including their back patio. Someone pointed out how nicely spread out the tables were. A mix of standard four tops and tall bar seating allow for kid-friendly groups, while a community table adjacent to the front window gives the option of networking or people-watching. Exposed brick walls remind us we are in downtown Fullerton, while perched flat screen monitors try to distract us from the wait time.

Burger Parlor's gussied up menu reminds us of In-N-Out on steroids, with baked potato fries and Lasorda's handcrafted pork sausage burger tempting us to be ordered. Maybe next time, when the wait doesn't remind us of an Emmy broadcast.

Burger Parlor is located at 204 N Harbor, Fullerton, (714) 871-2012; www.burgerparlor.com.

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