Burger Parlor Brick And Mortar Confirms Opening Date

There was one burger venue that didn't make our Game of Burgers that should have. Its disqualification: The owner was busy converting it from pop-up joint to full-fledged establishment. Dave applauded the steamed hams in his list of 10, while Edwin reviewed the owner not as a hipster pendejo, but a CIA-trained chef.

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We interviewed Joseph Mahon last year. The only attribute stopping him from expanding beyond his Rialto Cafe stint was financial backing. Well, that changed in December when he texted his phone subscribers to announce construction.

And then we waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.


In the time one would carry a bun in the oven, Mahon multi-tasked and launched an additional concept known as Early Bird. Perched on a hill in Brea, this team churns out morning meals at the same standard as his parlor games. While this is perfect for a brekkie fan (we order the Frank Floyd Benedict), we had to ask, “Where's the beef, Joseph?

Our answer landed this morning in our mailbox. The press release fairy granted an advanced copy of their reintroduction to downtown Fullerton. You're reading it here first, loyal Forkers. Opening day is scheduled for September 30. If you aren't familiar with the menu, read up on our links above– the website is under construction.

We are ready and waiting for pastrami-topped, Simpson-inspired, cheese-covered burger time. Bonus: He's added fried pies!

Burger Parlor will open at 204 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton. www.burgerparlor.com.

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