Bruxie Announces Location Six…in Irvine!

Do you see what we see? Bruxie Huntington Beach opens today, and they
are already advertising location number six in (drum roll, please):


What can we say that hasn't already been said about our favorite mini-chain? Nothing, really. The Surf City locale has baristas pouring coffee out of their Streetside walk-up window for early morning waffling. An easy, breezy corner dining room off 5th Street at The Strand places them in yet another bustling neighborhood. 

We still can't believe The Bold Fold is coming to the mother of master-planned communities. Despite every other Irvine restaurant closure being replaced by an Asian establishment (at least according to Edwin), Dean Simon's cash cow is moving into the busiest plaza that doesn't contain the words Diamond or Spectrum–the corner of Walnut Avenue and Culver Drive. It's not only freeway accessible, but the plaza containing a previous scoop, Mitsuwa Marketplace. 

There goes the neighborhood parking lot. Again.

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