Britney Spears Fan Art From Every Style Era

Britney's latest album, Britney Jean, is being slammed by critics, but is expected to top Billboard charts. Imagine that. Still, it's a mindfuck to see Britney Spears (who looks as young as she did a decade) plastered over the sides of high-rises in 2013.

Just to get used to the idea of Britney-mania flaring up again, we suggest purchasing one (or two) of the following Spears fan art for your bedroom.

This is what Britney Spears looked like (above) while she was performing in malls across America in the late 90s. Young Spears print by NRarts.


Classic Britney circa 1999. Schoolgirl portrait by BottlesByJames.

We remember this cheesy TRL Britney smile like it were yesterday. Dictionary page print by PopSheek.

We're immediately getting “I'm a Slave For You” vibes from Spear's snake-charmer stare in this pencil drawing by IleanaHunter.

It's difficult to imagine Britney Spears without her signature fedora. Original pencil drawing by MarieFossilArt.

This acrylic painting by TheEthelMermaids immortalizes Spears' freak-out year: 2007.

This seductive original stencil art by mrbabes resembles Spears during her 2009 'Circus' year.

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