Breakfast In Bed at SideDoor, Our Drink of the Week!

I sat for a spell at SideDoor twice in the last month. In that time, they not only renovated the kitchen, but updated their menu (hardly skipping a beat). If that wasn't ambitious enough, they're offering a pretty selection of cocktails just for Valentine's week. Yet only locals would be privy to such updates, because the big red key isn't making a fuss on social media.

With cutesy names like Heart of Darkness, my eyes locked in on one special potion: Breakfast in Bed. It was practically calling my name, so I went with it. Beer could wait until next visit.


My drink started with Weller bourbon, a burnt sienna liquid I already had a pleasant history with. To sweeten things up, the barkeep incorporates a little Cherry Heering. Playing off the morning theme, pure maple syrup finds its way in. He separates an egg to provide frothy goodness, a recurring theme in my beverages. Tart lemon rounds out our flavors, and the final product is lovingly poured over a jagged, hand-cut chunk of ice (cue Basic Instinct references). And what did he garnish our brekkie with? A skewer of tasty, alcohol-infused cherry and a bit o' bacon for good measure.

Breakfast went down smooth with every sip. A familiar fog layer settled along the coastline, but my beverage kept things cozy at the bar. Though it's technically on the menu for this week only, I'm sure if you ask Trevor kindly, perhaps he'll refer to his little book of recipes for you.

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