Boysenberry Festival Kicks Off At Knott's Berry Farm Saturday!

Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town will be anything but deserted this weekend, as the Boysenberry Festival parties hard from March 28 through April 12. We already told you about one of the tastiest treats in the park last month with our boysenberry latte review. Now we're back with a rundown of some of their other specialties, plus bonus news on their competitive eating competition.

The blackberry/red raspberry/loganberry blend can be found in everything from savory nibbles to sticky desserts. Our personal fave was a 50/50 mix of boysenberry Belgium beer with ACE berry cider found inside the Calico Saloon. For you candy fans, a bag of their purple gummies are excellent for post-festival consumption. But we've barely scratched the surface on options.


Over at Ghost Town Grub, we were down with the Fun Bun– a deep-fried cinnamon roll with boysenberry cream cheese topping. They've also got flavored dessert flautas and a deep fried ice cream version, but you're better off hunting down boysenberry cotton candy from Pemmican Pickle & Popcorn Cart. You can also go old school with a selection of baked goods, but know that most festival items from the bakery (except the cheesecake) will be available after the festival ends.

Hearty fare includes sweet BBQ wings, plus corn on the cobb with boysenberry butter from Sutters Grill Stand & Roaster. Our choice: a sauteed chicken sandwich with vegetables, crammed into a berry bun(?!) from Churro Factory Stand. However, one friend insists an all-beef hot dog with both signature relish and ketchup is the way to go. Folks at Calico Fry are offering deep fried cheese curds paired with a specialty dip (Note: They're more chewy curd than pesky breading. Small victories, people.). Although the crispy winner goes to fried alligator bites over fries, paired with a boysenberry aioli. They really do taste like chicken!

Liquid nourishment is all about boysenberry ICEE and lemonades from Mixitup. Yet we want to head back to the coffee hut for their new Frappuccino flavor debuting at the festival. Curious diners have the option to order items a la carte, or purchase a Tasting Card good for 6 items for $25. Learn more about the festival by following this link.

Finally, Major League Eating has sanctioned an official world boysenberry pie-eating competition. It'll be held this Saturday at 2 p.m., featuring reigning hot dog and chicken wing eating champ Joey Chestnut out to win the $4,000 prize and bragging rights. We don't imagine it airing on ESPN, but you never know.

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