Boy George Transforms… Again, In Illustrated Form

Boy George recently released his first album in 18 years, titled This Is What I Do. The album contains catchy reggae-based tracks and slow melodic gems infused with country sounds.

Boy George explained the seemingly odd genre juxtaposition to The Quietus:
“…'Karma Chameleon' is a bit country! Country and reggae are quite closely linked. If you go to Jamaica, they listen to a lot of country, and they love Charley Pride. So there is a relationship there. I've never been scared of country, but I prefer the early, proper country to pop-country.”

One notable difference in the overall sound of the album is Boy George's voice. His current, more raspy intonation seamlessly augments the pensive feel of songs like 'King Of Everything':

Boy George isn't afraid to talk about the dark times in his past, but would rather focus on the future. Here's what else he had to say about transformations throughout his life:

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