Bourbon for Breakfast From The Corner, Our Drink of the Week!

Where you go drink is often in direct correlation with the company you keep. People you want to impress? The painfully crowded, trendy place that recently opened. But when you're a party of one who craves a single beverage, informality is key. The trick is finding a spot that's convenient.

You may be lucky enough to frequent a location that's walkable. The rest of us hope to find something in our neighborhood. In the case of The Corner, it was en route to a destination.


If the “hair of the dog” is supposed to cure your hangover the next day, consider this its evil cousin. Hel-lo, 102-proof Medley Brothers bourbon! We enjoy your hint of cocoa, which blends well with earthy NOLA Coffee Liqueur from St. George—its chicory component being the inspiration for this cocktail. Our brief moment of caffeine buzz is thwarted by the complexities of Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth. Contributing to the breakfast theme is that bit of sweet maple. A twisty lemon peel (a garnishing nod to Beverly Hills Cop, if you recall Axel's first encounter with Serge) makes it almost approachable, but beware of bitters ahead.

This modern marriage of Manhattan and espresso is a stiff drink. Sipping and conversation are recommended, as well as an order of those 48-hour fries Chef Chris Grodach is legendary for. Although don't be surprised if you find him tending bar; he's badass like that.

The Corner is located at 8961 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, (714) 968-6800;

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