Bosscat Kitchen and Libations Coming Soon To Newport Beach

The space adjacent to Ten Asian Bistro used to house a panini cafe, but ownership has bigger and better plans in store. With an opening timeline of February/March (why commit when you can keep 'em guessing?), Bosscat Kitchen and Libations has a few tricks up their sleeve, so I spoke with someone on their management team for more intel.


Is it a gastropub? Yes and no. Entrees will be inspired by establishments of that caliber. You can expect 10 craft beers on tap, with another 20+ in bottles. The man in the kitchen is Peter Petros (hey, that's how it was spelled to me!)– who's sharing a back of the house kitchen with . . .himself. I kid you not. Dual kitchen duty is going to be nuts, but my contact is confident Petros will be able to hold his own.

The other key component to this mysterious space involves a dedicated room. Imagine upwards of 100 types of bourbon, scotch and whiskey all in one confined space. I can only imagine the number it will do to my credit card. Then again, I'm more likely to be seated in their 1,600 square foot patio, nursing a pint or two from Bootleggers.

Bosscat Kitchen and Libations will be opening at 4647 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach. You can stare at their logo here.

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