To FAIR patriarch Dr. John Tanton, The Camp of the Saints, a 1973 apocalyptic book written by French novelist Jean Raspail, stimulates honest discussion.

The graphic book tells the story of the downfall of Western civilization and the decline of the European white race at the hands of immigrant invaders. The setting is southern France, where “a million poor wretches, armed only with their weakness and their numbers, overwhelmed by misery, encumbered with starving brown and black children,” invade and destroy the country.

The heroes are the white nationalists who vainly defend their Western culture.

The villains, even more than the brown invaders, are foolish liberal white people who welcome the immigrants and celebrate multiculturalism, only to be raped, killed or transported to White Female Practice Experimentation Centers by the immigrants.

Tanton’s Social Contract Press now publishes the book.

“We are indebted to Jean Raspail for his insights into the human condition and for being so many years ahead of his time,” Tanton wrote in an introduction.

His publishing house has printed five editions of the book.

Its sales soon may be eclipsed by the just-released “semi-fictional” White Apocalypse by fledgling writer Kyle Bristow, who once invited Mark Krikorian, director of CIS, to speak to his Young Americans for Freedom group at Michigan State University.

The novel claims whites were the first humans to set foot in America but were killed by a mass migration of (brown) “Amerindians.” The hero is a white “rogue anthropologist” who fights to get the truth out. It’s a bloody book. And it’s not subtle. Mark Potok, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, says a character modeled after him is assassinated by a sniper.

There’s a new white-nationalist best-seller in Germany these days: Germany Does Away With Itself by Thilo Sarrazin. In the book, “foul smelling,” public-benefit-using Muslim immigrants destroy Germany by overbreeding. (Sarrazin was fired from his banking job after it was published earlier this year.)

The German tome has escaped the notice of most Americans, except for those who log on to the white-nationalist American Renaissance website run by Jared Taylor, Tanton’s associate. Germany Does Away With Itself has “an unflinchingly race-realist perspective,” American Renaissance says.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced Germany Does Away With Itself, but she’s no fool. Sensing the anti-immigrant mood sweeping Western Europe in difficult economic times, she later announced that multiculturalism in der vaterland was a failed experiment.

She said it even as economists warned that an immigrant workforce was the key to future growth.

But Merkel isn’t alone; as the Euro founders, European leaders targeted Muslim and Roma immigrants.

In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy vowed to send the Roma back to Bulgaria or Romania. Sarkozy’s conservative party succeeded in passing a law that banned burqas, head-to-toe cover-ups that are a fundamental expression of faith among some of the 6 million Muslims in France.

Women who wear illegal burqas must now pay a fine and take a course in values.

Switzerland blackballed the construction of minarets, tall mosque towers. Italian armed cops cleaned out migrant labor camps. Spain paid immigrants to leave the country.

Not to be outdone, a coalition of Dutch political parties vow to ban the burqa and force Muslims to pay for language classes they have to take in order to get residency papers.

Dutch voters, The Economist notes, “are anxious about the economic and social changes globalization can bring. Instead of helping them to face up to today’s challenges, the government has chosen to play upon their fears.”

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