Boo at the Zoo!

George Carlin had only one issue with airplanes. “I don't wanna get on them,” he said. “Let Evel fuckin' Knievel get on them. I wanna get in them.” We have sorta the same problem with zoos. We wanna be in there, not looking through the bars. Zoomars Petting Zoo is the perfect solution. Okay, no lions and tigers, maybe, but llamas, ponies, goats and emu are on our must-visit list. Rabbits and guinea pigs? We're feelin' warm and fuzzy already. This Halloween benefit that features a barbeque lunch, hamburgers, hot dogs, pony and train rides—it's a great way for your kids to meet the, uh, kids.

Sun., Oct. 28, 11 a.m., 2012

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