Charboliciousv. The act of burning the top of a freshly packed bowl of weed. It's one good hit, but the rest is nothing but char. “And the bowls he was passin' were quite charbolicious.”

Dickbud n. Simply put, if you smoke this with me, then you're a dick, bud. “You might get in trouble if you show your friends that dickbud.”

Four-twentyish pl. nj.The race of people constitutionally incapable of hitting 4:20 on the dot, who thus spend the following minutes getting high to catch up with the rest of their time zone. “Ever since my watch broke, life's been fairly four-twentyish.”

Shwagtacular adj.An individual with a lot of utterly filthy weed. We're talking Labrador. “You, my friend, are a shwagtacular guy. And I mean that.”

Stonehengers pl. n.Those individuals for whom smoking weed is less a pastime and more an arcane, pagan faith little understood by modern-day society. “I tried to spend time with his friends, but they were such stonehengers; I couldn't relate.”

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