Bob Saget Talks PSA’s, the State of Comedy, and… Global Warming?

Bog Saget (Brian Friedman)

We’ve talked to Bob Saget many times over the years and when thinking about what to bring up before he hits the Irvine Improv this weekend (July 13th and 14th), we racked our brains on what topic to choose. So we went with no topic. Instead, we had an open convo with him about the path comedy is taking, working hard, and surrounding yourself with love (awwwww). The end result, as per usual, choke laughing because Bob Saget is the mf-ing man.  

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Switching times for an interview tells me you’re a busy boy and I don’t hate that. “Zero to Sixty” if you will…

Bob Saget: I’m sorry I made you wait, you’ve been so nice to me but I know it’s all a front. [Laughs.] I’ve never been busier and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I was on a conference that I couldn’t get off and before that, I had another conference, and people in the house working. Now I’m running to the Valley to do a podcast and then, I have a movie premiere tonight. The rest of it is just work, work, work.

I feel like you’re bragging.

You know, in some ways it is. Like for me, every seven years I get stupid busy and that stays for like eight years. But in-between I’m always working. You know me, I never stop. It’s interesting because I’m doing so much more stand-up then I thought I’d be doing. And I’m sure you’re noticing, everybody is. Even people who’ve said “I’m not going out to do comedy again” are going out to do it.

I think it’s awesome that comedy vets are going back out. And I love new comics but giving so many people specials makes it not as special as it used to be.

Yeah, that’s right. The truth of it is, there are a lot of talented people but they think that people are obligated to listen because it’s “so special” when in fact, I just spent an hour not laughing. When I feel the motivation of someone just wanting to be a star, I don’t need to watch that. But if the motivation is, let me show you a spin on something, I’ll listen to a 24-year-old girl or guy all night. Well, not all night. Have you seen that new special by Hannah? Umm…Hannah? Why can’t I think of her last name?

Hannah Montana?

No Hannah…oh god you are loving this. [Laughs.] Why can’t I remember? Oh man, cut this part out.

Ha! Not a chance. Hannah Gadsby.

Yes! They’re talking about her because she’s being serious as well as humorous and it’s more poignant than comedic but, I’m not a critic. I just want to be funny and I want to play. I went to NY last week and did Bumping Mics with Dave Attell and Jeff Ross and I just got to play with them on stage. It was so great. And then Gilbert and I were just riffing for an hour and I was like, I think we have a separate show here! [Laughs.] I was on his podcast once too. I like doing podcasts and not for promoting, although I’m talking to you right now and it’s not just because I miss you, it’s also to let people know I’m at the Irvine Improv this weekend.

I’m glad you remembered the name of the venue.  

[Laughs.] I’m really doing great here, huh? Promotion is a weird thing because you’re trying to frame everything. If I look at my special from 2007 I’ll go, holy shit you can’t say any of that now. You can say some of it if your intentions aren’t malicious but, it’s a different world.

Everyone is so afraid. Like I’m constantly telling my dog how gay she is and not because I mean it to be offensive. She is literally gay. You should see the way she looks at me.

[Laughs.] It did have a negative connotation but, so fucking what? What are we going to do? It’s a strange time. I’m doing a show in London and the word “fanny” doesn’t mean your butt. It means your front. On a lady. And I didn’t know that. I talk about it because in the US we call it a fanny pack where we keep our vagina. The point is to get a release for all of this stuff and not fester it and fertilize it. What our society is doing is fertilizing it. When I saw the headline “They All Got Out” I thought for one second the White House was empty. It was the best news about the Thai cave but we’re at a place where we are very narcissistic and America first. I’m always about humanity first and this was like, the only good headline we’ve seen in over a year and I went straight for the White House. [Laughs.]  



New game idea. Invite your friends and battle over wtf the story is for the headline.

That’s why I don’t allow any friends in my life that aren’t part animal. I love humor that’s like, that wombat doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment! [Laughs.] I like to go right into mating with a goat and that’s as far from politics and religion as you can get. And it’s safer than going after, god forbid, the priesthood for having done something wrong. It’s a scary time for the world. There are bombs that can wipe out parts of the planet and it’s 118 in the Valley.

It’s 118 in Vegas always, Bob.

Yeah, that is true. [Laughs.] You got me on that one. I just want to find a way to do whatever kind of comedy I want to do. I love silliness so much. Playing, riffing, and talking with people but not making fun of them. I feel like people desperately need to laugh, they need to do it as a group, in a safe environment, and the Irvine Improv is one of the safest environments in the world. One, it’s at the Spectrum and you know the security is intense and two, the walls are all dark so you feel like you’re on Mission to Mars at Disney 20 years ago. Joshua Turek is doing a guest set on Friday and Mike Young will be with me the whole time. I just want to have fun and I’ve got a feeling I’m not the only one so, I’m going to bring out Sheryl Crow and I really hope Ali Lerman’s parents can come to this show.

Grab your ticket to see Bob Saget at the Irvine Improv July 13th and 14th at (31 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455.) For more Bob go to and follow him on Twitter @BobSaget. Also, because you need even more Bob (who doesn’t tbh), check out his newest special Bob Saget: Zero To Sixty on Amazon and iTunes, watch Fuller House on Netflix.

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