Bob Dylan Nets Six-Book Deal

​For all the Bob Dylan fans out there, this is pretty exciting news. The singer/songwriter has reportedly signed a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster to write six books, including two follow-ups to his previous work, Chronicles: Volume One. Another title will be a book based on his Time Theme Radio Hour show on Sirius/XM, and he will add three other unconfirmed books, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

In 2004, Chronicles: Volume One recounted Dylan's early rock & roll years in New York City, recording his first album. Dylan even told Rolling Stone in 2006, “The reviews of this book, some of 'em almost made me cry–in a good way. I'd never felt that from a music critic, ever. . . . Most people who write about music, they have no idea what it feels like to play it. With the book I wrote, I thought, 'The people who are writing reviews of this book, man, they know what the hell they're talking about.'” We're hoping the sequels will follow Dylan's later years and offer more insight into his beautiful work and intriguing mind.


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