Blue Crush

Illustration by Bob AulI've been secretly in love with you for the past three years. From the moment I met you, I immediately knew that you were the one meant for me. We love the same obscure films and the same random music, and share the same unique dream of a future. The only problem is that, for these same three years, I've been dating your best friend. Somehow I figured fate would find some way to bring us together. You've dated other girls only to come back to tell me that all you want is a girl like me. Other people notice the way you talk about me, the way you look at me. And I notice. I know that even though we've never talked about any of our feelings for each other, you undoubtedly feel the same. Even if he and I did break up, we could never be together. You would have to choose me over 17 years of friendship. I could never ask that of you. Now he's asking me to marry him. How can I say yes, when I know that when I step onto the dance floor for our first dance, I'll be wishing I was dancing with you?

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