Bloody Beers

When a friend told me about bloody beers, I was instantly intrigued. Could this Bloody Mary-beer hybrid possibly taste good, especially after knowing that it has to be made with cheap beer?



It was worth an experiment, and luckily, it was actually quite good. I decided to go the Natty Ice route–about as close to piss water as possible–and paired it with a bold and spicy Bloody Mary mix.

A Bloody Beer is best with one part mix to every three parts beer, or simply adjust the ratio to your personal preference. There are only two rules to this concoction: use the cheapest beer you can find, and if you are going to buy a pre-made mix, make sure it's not bland.

There are many variations on Bloody Beers, but this is about the easiest way to get your Bloody Mary-beer combo to actually taste good and not look like something frightful.

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