Blink-182 Reflects On Happier Times, In Illustrated Form

It seems like all the small things have added up to spell trouble for Blink-182. Earlier this week we mentioned Blink's latest spat and how it will affect their performance at Musink 2015.

“Travis and I and the whole Blink-182 organization have bent over backwards for years to accommodate all of the stuff that Tom wanted to try,” Hoppus told Rolling Stone. “It feels humiliating to be in a band where you have to be apologizing for one person all the time. That's how it's felt for a long time.”

“It's hard to cover for someone who's disrespectful and ungrateful,” Barker said during the same interview. “[For Tom] to say, 'I didn't quit the band' is just not true. It's disingenuous.”

“So you can imagine my surprise when a press release went out yesterday–without my knowledge–about the band's future,” Tom DeLonge posted on his personal facebook page. “This is new to me. It's not in my nature to fuel negativity about the legacy of the band on something as trashy as the Internet world.

…And even as I watch [Hoppus and Barker] act so different to what I know of them to be, I still care deeply for them. Like brothers, and like old friends. But our relationship got poisoned yesterday. Never planned on quitting, just find it hard as hell to commit.”

Here are some quotations from the band during happier times, as they recall what kept them together in past years. Let's hope they stay together for the kids.

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