Black Forest Cake at 85°C Bakery Cafe

Once you make it through the obstacle course to order, pay and receive your dessert and coffee–don't even think about moving slightly out of line or your spot will disappear–you can enjoy your personal-sized treat. In this case, a slice of the Black Forest cake: petite, moist and filled with layer upon layer of goodness.



Made with chocolate sponge cake and filled with whipped-cream frosting and cherries, the cake succeeds by avoiding a sugar overload; many cakes are ruined by frosting that would make 5 out of 5 dentists burst into tears. In addition to light frosting and fluffy layers of chocolate cake, their Black Forest cake is also covered in finely shaved pieces of milk chocolate. Plus, the cherries and their accompanying sauce are sweet and thick, holding all of the layers neatly in place.

Sure, the line at 85°C can be daunting, but if you order a dessert to go, you'll get it in an adorable foldable box–complete with handle! For more details on this Taiwan-based cafe, check out Edwin's full review here.

85°C, 2700 Alton Pkwy.,Ste 123, Irvine, CA 92606; (949) 553-8585;

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