Bjork on Being Bjork, In Illustrated Form

Björk's new album, Vulnicura, was released this week–earlier than anticipated–after the album leaked online last week.

Björk has expressed in recent interviews that Vulnicura is her most personal record to date. The album contains subject material that stirs strong emotions and may require some tears and emotional outbursts on stage, Björk' told Pitchfork.

Vulnicura features Venezuelan producer Arca, aka Alejandro Ghersi, who produced six of the songs and co-wrote two songs on the album with Björk.

“I'm sort of doing my own thing,” Björk told Spinner in 2007. “I've been quite lucky and I'm not trying to please anyone, and yet people are still interested in me.” The same sentiment rings true now.

The Icelandic songstress is slated to perform a series of shows at Carnegie Hall in March and April, before playing Governer's Ball festival in New York in June. Something else to look forward to: the possibility of new SNL impersonations of Björk. We can't forget this gem from Wionna Rider.

Here are Björk's thoughts on being an unconventional woman in the music industry. Quotation above via






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