Bitch Better Have My Money

Photos by Jack Gould Darin the Cop's birthday party was being held Sunday night at a not-to-be-disclosed (because it's yet to be grand-opened) LBC location. And I knew that in the ultracasual Long Beach idiom, people there would be wearing skate shorts. Long Beach isn't overly hung-up on sartorial affairs. I figured that was the closest I would get to beachwear unless someone showed up in a wet suit. No one showed up in a wet suit.
You can't tell from this picture how sexy Darin the Cop is. The very beachy Hawaiian shirt covers up his big, huge muscles. Hawaiian shirts are very beachy. I think that counts, don't you?
On the much-abused in/out fashion scale, LaRue is doing three things right in this picture. In: Sarah Jessica Parker hair! In: vinyl pants! In: breasts!
This is Corn, lead singer of the popular Long Beach band Shave. He is dashing in shorts by Stssy. He says he stole them from Brad Nowell. Those are my hands. Don't you think I have pretty hands?
In: ink. Hey, wait! Isn't that Paul from Long Beach All Day, with Ras from the Long Beach Dub Allstars, and Jim, who hangs out a lot? More Beachwear

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