Bitch Better Have My Money

Photos by Jack Gould
Here is LaRue again, with Kelly (front, in Capri pants, because no matter how much the surfwear people try to push them, clam diggers are not flattering on anyone). Back row right is Suzanne Hawkins, the most stunning rockabilly cigarette girl we saw all week. I didn't realize until later that she is the daughter of firefighter Paul Hawkins, who is a close friend of my best friend, Greg the Fireman. Greg always jokes about hitting on her. Now that I know who she is, I think Greg the Fireman is probably not really joking.
Please note Dan Lo Fi Champion's socks. Are they not sporty? They are.
The Pocket Clowns' Ginger L. Gladness was not intentionally doing product placement for Paul Frank. She just likes the purse. She is also wearing Adidas, Levi's 501s, and a charcoal-and-black Sector 9 shirt. Men dig it. It took a really long time to set up this shot. “Okay, look spontaneous,” I said. “Sit facing the bar and then turn toward us like you've been surprised.” Notice she is not facing the bar. Ginger is not that great at taking directions. “Okay, you boys, there,” I said to the boys there. “Look at her. Be talking at her.” The guy on the right complied, with a Fonzie-smooth “Aaaaayyy.”
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