Birth Brains

You are the group of arrogant, gray-haired, old, white coots congregated at the Dana Point library waiting for it to open. No doubt you do this every morning, reading the dailies or searching the Internet for whatever hideous things you like to look at. And you do this FOR FREE, even though no doubt you all vote way far right while on Medicare and collecting Social Security. I was putting my overdue book in the slot when one of you—I'll call you “Coot 1″—said, “Obama's going to Kenya. Hah.” And then when this birther irony sunk in, Coot 2 said, “I hope he stays and never comes back.” Big coot laughs all around. I wanted to put on a fake patriotic show, declaring, “That is the president of the United States of America you are referring to—elected twice, in landslides both times—so shut your traitorous pie holes!” But all I said was, “I wish you'd all go to Kenya and stay there.” Crickets. Finally, you all shut the fuck up.

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