Billy Idol

He may look as if his face has been run over 18 times by a big rig, but veteran rocker Billy Idol hasn’t lost a bit of the old charm and sneer, and excellent music chops. Garnering a huge audience for the songs from his new album Kings and Queens of the Underground shouldn’t be as difficult as it probably is; the first single, “Can’t Break Me Down,” is definitely updated Idol, and pure stadium rock for the alt crowd that has huge crossover potential. The rest of the album is slower, moodier, and more poetic, which means it has zero chance of reaching Pitbull and Kanye fans. But then, who wants them? Keep on rockin’, punk rock king. Go show him your air-pumping fists this weekend and rock his resilient cradle of love.

Sun., Feb. 22, 8 p.m., 2015

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