'Big Brother' In Dana Point?

“I'm Taking My Tourist Dollars and Leaving DP Forever.”
That's the headline over a letter in this week's Dana Point Times. What could have so perturbed Los Angles resident J. Livingston and his family to make them vow to end their ten-year tradition of heading to Dana Point, Orange County's Whale of a Town?

“We came to Dana Point for Memorial Day as we always do,” Livingston writes. “Only to find things had changed drastically since last Memorial Day.” Are your arm hairs standing on end right now, too?
Turns out, surveillance cameras had popped up around the seaside city, completely–somehow–ruining it. Livingston says he counted more than 30 while driving on Dana Point's various Lantern-named streets. What's more, Livington suspects they're being controlled… by the government.
 “The last time I looked, Dana Point was still in America,” Livingston writes. Later, he lists his family's credentials as people who shouldn't be spied upon:

We are not criminals. Not terrorists. Not illegal immigrants. We are all Americans.

While it may be true that Americans don't cause crimes, catching non-American miscreants isn't the point of the cameras, City Hall's Mike Rose tells the DP Times. They're for keeping an eye out in disasters, like landslides, and monitoring traffic. One side effect, though, has been to scare off a family of tourists and make us wonder where Glenn Beck would come down on this issue.

“We will come back though if Dana Point once again becomes a quiet seaside town,” Livingston writes. “But it's up to the business owners of Dana Point. Tourist business or 24/7 government surveillance. The choice is yours.”

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