Best Zoot Suits

The stylish blue building with pink trim on Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton is home to the finest zoot suits in all of Aztlán. Owned by the Estrella family for 35 years, El Pachuco Zoot Suits has specialized in re-creating the 1940s oversized attire worn by rebellious Mexican-American and African-American youth with attitude. Entering the store is like stepping through a virtual time portal, where you'll find all the essentials, from full suits with famously flared pants to zoot hats and two-toned Stacy Adams shoes. Whether renting or buying, the Fullerton shop transforms customers into bona-fide zoot-suiters for all occasions, be it a wedding, high-school dance or what-have-you. Get sized now, so you can lean back pachuco-style, swing your chain and say, “¡Orale!

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