Best Weekend Getaway

In these cash-strapped days, who can afford the posh resorts of La Jolla, Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara or our own Orange Coast? Instead, make a day of it in this formerly posh resort community nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains. Oh, there are still signs of opulence around—and if you don't check yourself, you could drop a mortgage payment or seven right quick. But in a sobering realization of these times (and that Arrowhead's glory days are far behind it), the quaint village has remade itself as a sprawling outlet-shopping destination. Bass, Izod, Coach, Van Heusen and Jockey International are among those with discount shops there. Dining options range from the chains to the reasonably priced to the upper-crust. On the lodging front, Lake Forest Resort and Spa offers many specially priced packages. Don't forget that right next to the village is a 782-acre body of water that can be swum, boated or jet-skiied, while the 14 miles of shoreline ringing it are great for hiking, biking and sightseeing. Heavy snorts of clean mountain air will do you good.

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