Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Haley Nguyen is a juggernaut. Part teacher, part chef and all restaurateur, this woman seems to do everything. She teaches culinary courses at Saddleback College, and she cooks the coursework at her restaurant, Xanh Bistro. She is the ultimate rebuke of the aphorism “Those who can, do; those who can't, teach” because, well, she can do it all. Whatever you order, she will singlehandedly make it. Sure, there's a sous chef around when things get busy. But even then, it will still be Nguyen's delicate, beautiful face you'll see within inches of the flames. It's her hand that threads the chicken skewers, one side covered with kaffir lime leaves, the other the kiss of char. And it's her signature sizzling plates of Thang Long fish that routinely wow her appreciative customers. But it is Nguyen herself who impresses most. The woman, like we said, is a culinary juggernaut.

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