Best Vape Shop

Vapers in the know say joints such as Vapor Bombz in Anaheim have a killer selection, but if you want the ideal combination of choice, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and environment, then crosstown compadre the Vintage Vape is the place to get your puff on. It has a groovy selection of mods, pens, vaporizers, drip tips and accessories, some 32 juices to sample in its tasting room (Space Jam and Mythic Haze sound rockin'!), and publishes a blog meant to educate people about e-cigs in a climate in which hysteria often trumps solid information. Add the comfy lounge (TV, music, pool table, dart board) and the easygoing atmosphere, and it's the perfect place to chill as the war against vaping rages on outside the doors.

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