Best Use of Old-School Bikini Photos

And you thought high-hipped, brightly colored bikinis were out! (Okay, they absolutely are.) For the publishers of the year-old, OC-centric surf magazine Ghetto Juice, nostalgia is a powerful driving force. Well, it's not exactly nostalgia; it's just representative of the era when the magazine was first in circulation. After a near-two-decade hiatus, it's back and building a readership. Every month, a stack appears at coffee and surf shops from San Clemente to Huntington Beach, free to whomever wants one, and the demand seems to be increasing because copies are becoming harder to come by. The one constant with each issue (if an issue can be obtained) is the guarantee of T&A just a few spreads in. Sometimes it's a photo from bikini contests at the Op Pro or photo shoots on the Huntington Beach Pier, always taken by the same photographer, a lensman who goes by the name Hank Foto. Just eight issues into its second existence—run by co-publishers Skip Snead and Joe McElroy—the booty-tastic imagery has become a trademark of its reincarnation.

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