Best Untraditional Burger

Once upon a time, three stupid reporters tried to eat the hottest burger ever made. It was called the Fifty Alarm Burger, and it featured some sadistic combination of ghost chile pepper-infused bacon, jalapeño and habanero chiles, and pepper jack chese. The only way to survive the experience, apparently, was to order a couple of tall glasses of milk, but two of the stupid reporters ordered beer and paid dearly for their mistake. That burger, let's be frank, was terrible. Not so Slater's Flamin' Hot burger. This carne asade fire beef patty is served on a brioche bun and is decked out with nothing worse than pepper jack cheese, roasted green chiles, jalapeños, and a chipotle adobo mayo. It's hot but delectable, and for all those lactose-intolerant alcoholics, rest assured: It goes down great with a double IPA.

Readers’ Choice: Slater’s 50/50

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