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With the legalization of marijuana, Orange County is flooded with first-time weed smokers who were either too cheap to pay for a fake doctor’s recommendation or lames nobody would slang weed to. Every kickback or party you go to now, there’s always the people giddy about trying weed for the first time when you’ve already gone through two drug addictions. You can smell the devil’s lettuce everywhere from the San Clemente Pier to the hiking trails on Coyote Hills, and it’s usually smiling, middle-aged white people walking back to their cars. But it’s all love from the smoking community. More smokers means more weed to get smoked out with and less bullshit to deal with when you’re just trying to relax. Tip from a longtime smoker: Roll your blunts on an OC Weekly, support PotPlus and don’t forget to read the paper that covered cannabis before it was cool!

Readers’ Choice: Craft Beer

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