Best Taco Tuesday

Let’s first agree that the measly 20 cents Holé Molé takes off its normally $1.39 asada, carnitas, chicken and al pastor tacos is not the reason you should go to its Taco Tuesday. After all, it only amounts to a “Buy 7, Get 1 Free” deal. The fish tacos, however, are another story. They get a 50 cent discount. And that’s good because they’re the ones you actually want. Not only are the fish pieces individually hand-dipped in batter, then fried into crispy cocoons any British chip shop would envy, but Holé Molé also complements them with a self-serve trough filled with hot-from-the-fryer, spice-dusted, deep-fried yellow chiles that are free for the taking. The chiles are actually available at no cost any day of the week, but because everyone seems to come to Holé Molé on Tuesdays for the discounts, the high turnover ends up making the chiles especially fresh and especially good.

Readers’ Choice: Fred’s Mexican Cafe

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