Best Sugaring Salon

Sugaring spots seem to pop up as quickly as the hair you just had removed—but not all are created equal. You'll leave the county's most luxurious sugaring shop feeling as if you had a day at the spa. Almery N Co. owner Kelly Arnold, a guru in organic skincare, converted a cold, boxy office space in Huntington Beach into a vintage oasis bundled in warm light and hip music; it's a Pinterester's dream. Your sugaring journey begins in a beautiful treatment room full of greenery and candles and includes extra touches such as ingrown-hair removal and a cooling mask to make your experience as lovely as possible. When it's all over, you won't find yourself hustled through a rotating door; Arnold encourages you to visit the Victorian requiescence room, where you can relax, drink tea and prepare to re-enter the world. On the way out, stop by the mini boutique for all-natural skincare and Arnold's handpicked vintage nighties, robes and jewelry. Next time, you might actually look forward to hair removal.

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