Best Strain

This 19 percent to 24 percent indica strain is an anti-anxiety dream. Its picturesque crystals are breathtaking, and when Green Ribbon is sitting among other strains, the trichomes glisten as if the flower were rolled in glitter. Its orange hairs are meticulously woven and defined between the leaves. The aroma is strong, offering deep tones of dark berries, black currants and hints of anise, all wrapped in earthy greenness. The complexities of its scent could easily pass for a perfume. Green Ribbon is hard to find in Orange County because once it’s here, it’s gone in a snap. BudBud, a flower company from Venice Beach, grows some of the best Green Ribbon currently on the market. The Green Goddess Collective almost always has some available. Santa Ana’s Bud & Bloom sometimes carries straight Green Ribbon, too, but usually, it sells Fruity Pebbles, a Green Ribbon hybrid. If you’re looking for a smooth nighttime treat that’ll cradle you into a blissful, relaxed sleep, Green Ribbon will become an instant comrade.

Readers’ Choice: Nameless Genetics Watermelon

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