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With the Curse of Scully now banished, and the Dodgers in the midst of a record-breaking regular season, it’s been Joe Davis and former players Orel Hershiser and Nomar Garciaparra calling the majority of games for those few locals who brave Spectrum’s dodgy service to get SportsNet LA. Davis, though only 29, is a more than capable play-by-play guy, and Garciaparra is a decent analyst, but the Bulldog is the star of the announcing staff. Now in his fourth season in the Dodgers TV booth, Hershiser draws on his stellar 18-year playing career, tenure as a pitching coach and executive for the Texas Rangers, and seven years as an ESPN game analyst. He is astute, affable and, unlike the homer hacks in that other Los Angeles baseball TV booth, doesn’t sound like a mumbly dummy when offering his insights and occasional criticisms. 

Vin Scully

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