Best Soon-to-be-Defunct Live Band

Now that the accordion thrash/Meatloaf/Journey-esque stylings of Dusty Rhodes and the River Band are about to go bye-bye, thanks to front man Dustin Apodaca's bid for Anaheim City Council and guitarist Kyle Divine's growing family, it's best to celebrate what we'll miss about them. First, we'll miss watching their shows and feeling that we're part of a Sunday-morning evangelical cult. Second, we'll miss Apodaca's hair and Elvis costumes. Third, we'll miss violinist Andrea Babinski's ultra-cool stage presence. Fourth, we'll miss the evocative call-and-response we're always drawn into when watching Apodaca gyrate onstage. And finally, we'll miss the best live performances Orange County has seen in a while—Dusty Rhodes and the River Band are always theatrical, bewildering, impressive and sincere all at the same time, if you can believe that. Trusty in Dusty!

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