Best Social Media Posts From Decadence 2013

It may have been dark in some parts of Rancho Las Lomas (Better for making out, right?), but the camera flashes were going off in Social Networkland. Instagram ruled the roost at Decadence. You'd think it was prom with all the couples and group shots. So here's a slice of what we came across online.

_jenniag loved the venue. Zebra and tiger sightings, folks mingling 'round the property and a fountain just waiting for someone to start dancing in. Her collage was one of many, but we were impressed that she opted not to strike a pose.


Albreeezie had the best caption as far as we're concerned, “Rushed my ass from work to a food tasting only to just drink . . .and I'm perfectly fine with it.” Of course, she was also stuck in the Slater's 50/50 line for longer than expected. This looks like the VIP lounge. Now we know why their drink line was so long– she was pounding all the cocktails in the back.

Ashleygrijalva made it a family affair, inviting her parents (or were they in-laws?) along. It was even more special because she got married there in April. Congrats! Glad OC Weekly could bring back some fond wedding memories. Some advice: You can milk that newlywed status for a good two years before people say anything.

We caught a few familiar faces in attendance. One of them was Anais Tangie, marketing and special events coordinator at SoCo Collection. She's one of many reasons we find ourselves at The OC Mix. Her snapshot reminded us of when animals attack. If being on stilts wasn't enough, the form-fitting, furry leopard costume certainly made this guy the life of the party. Well, except for those he cozied up to. We thought one woman was gonna have a heart attack after he leaned in.

Most subjects refuse to have their photograph taken when they're trying to eat. Not these gals. Decadence was all about the food, and they reminded us of that. We're not caught up on our social media outlets, but we reckon they were filming a documentary Vine video. Check it out at this link. Annnnnnnddd…..ACTION!

Nilumusic presented a different point of view on Friday. They snapped this one during their set. An extended play recording is on the verge of being released. Nilu already opened for Airborne Toxic Event last month. Get to know the band on their Facebook page. Doesn't his hair look so healthy?

Saigon Sista, like many of us, was on a date that night. We spot of few of her favorite things in this juxtaposition featuring a green mystery punch and familiar plate from Smoqued BBQ. She described the event in one word: Wow!

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