Best Shop for Brides-to-Be

The world of wedding planning can be a frightening place, one swirling with bridesmaid dresses that resemble Aunt Mildred's kitchen curtains and DJs who believe it ain't a party until you hear “Macarena.” Fortunately, a safe haven awaits. Curated by event-planning goddess Eva Chiou, the Wedding Pantry offers everything you need to make your big day special, smooth-flowing and completely you, from the nuts and bolts (planning services, gowns, accessories) to the squee-worthy details (handcrafted ring-bearer pillows, colorful cake stands, striped paper straws) to the stuff that often goes overlooked (cushy foot pads for a long night of dancing in stilettos). Brides-to-be can sift and snip through a library of wedding magazines, check out the latest trends at trunk shows and makeup demos, or sign up for various DIY workshops offered throughout the year—think calligraphy, favor-making and floral-arranging. When it comes to wedding resources, you might say this is the One.

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