Best Salvadoran Restaurant

Over the past five years, the county's Salvadoran community has migrated to Anaheim and opened Salvadoran restaurants, largely leaving SanTana to the Mexicans. The best of the bunch is this spot, a pastel-hued wonderland that serves all the classics of the Salvi kitchen: fatty sopa de pata, masses of fried yucca, horchata with a cinnamon kick, and pupusas as thick as a terra cotta saucer from rim to base—and nearly as wide—cheesy and doughy and perfect. If you drop by in the morning, try the casamiento: black beans mixed with white rice and accompanied by scrambled eggs, a dollop of crema fresca, a block of cotija, thick tortillas and eggs over-easy, each part collectively hitting all the breakfast notes you can ever desire.

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