Best Rock N Roll Reunion

When alt-pop darlings Something Corporate broke up in 2004, no one believed it would last. There was, after all, major-label success, a whirlwind tour schedule and legions of teenage fans. Six years after parting ways, front man Andrew McMahon, guitarist Josh Partington, bassist Kevin Page and drummer Brian Ireland are older and wiser. McMahon and Page have married, and Partington is in law school. Their fans are now in their mid-20s, but when the band hit the stage earlier this year, it was a sweet surrender to the inevitable. While the impetus for a reunion came from their label's release of a “Best Of” collection, the organizers of Bamboozle also wanted Something Corporate to headline its music festivals in Anaheim and New Jersey. For now, the battles over “creative control” (the original reason the band broke up in the first place) have been set aside. And while there's no talk of working on brand-new material—yet—Something Corporate are still busy pleasing the legions who missed their crunchy guitars, textured piano melodies and nostalgia-drenched choruses.

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