Best Road Trip

It’s only a 12-hour drive (11, really, if you gun it, but don’t forget you jump ahead an hour), and then you’re at the launch pad to investigate the rest of the Land of Enchantment. Spend a couple of days going through ABQ’s vibrant craft-beer (but don’t get a DUI—New Mexico has some of the harshest drunk-driving laws in the United States), awesome food and spectacular flea market scenes, then go travel the rest of New Mexico: the holiness of Chimayó, the food in Santa Fe, the green chile in Hatch, turquoise in Madrid, aliens in Roswell, Carlsbad caves, and so much more. And, yes, Breaking Bad fans, there are tours galore, with the best one being the one in an RV the type Walter and Jesse used to cook their blue magic.

Readers’ Choice: Las Vegas

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