Best Restaurant for Cheapskates

We're afraid that if we told you Lizarran Tapas marks down the pintxos to a dollar each on Tuesdays from 4 to 7 p.m., you'd take up all the seats, crowd the counter space and grab the tastiest morsels all for yourselves. You see, we're cheapskates, too, and we know a good deal when we see one. So please go on any other night of the week instead. They're $1.75 apiece then, and it doesn't take more than four of these appetizer-sized rafts of bread topped with all manner of savory things to get full. But who are we kidding . . . you're probably already halfway out the door by now. Since you're going anyway, we might as well tell you that Lizarran also does other dishes at reasonable prices. There's a thick steak for $12, and the paella feeds two for $15. Just leave the pintxos for us poor, starving journalists. Please?

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