Best Radio Station

West Coast hip-hop gave Southern California a genre that’s now part of our DNA, and 93.5 KDAY is the only station you can rely on to actually mix things up a bit rather than simply play what’s trending on the charts. It’s the only station to regularly play G-Funk or Chicano hip-hop. Sure, it doesn’t play much new music, but old-school hip-hop is timeless. And ever since Hot 92.3 became a second Power 106, KDAY has become OC’s source for its Sunday-night dose of The Art Laboe Connection, helping keep alive another era of radio central to the heart of us all. Now if it would just acknowledge our fair county is a large part of its listeners and give one of our DJs a spot on the 1’s & 2’s (cough, inDJnous, cough).

Readers’ Choice: DFZ Radio

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