Best Protesting Group

Anaheim’s most recent elections brought about a “People’s Council” not lorded over by Curt Pringle for the first time in years. All the while, the city’s homeless crisis continued to grow along Skid River and in city parks. Rather than defer to the new council, residents put the pressure on them to find humane solutions to homelessness. They declared a Summer of the People and targeted the big Mouse in town with a sleep-in outside Disneyland. By the dozens, protesters with sleeping bags sounded a call against the theme park’s notorious low wages that contribute to homelessness. Disneyland proved people don’t have to get on Splash Mountain to get soaked by them when they turned the sprinklers on protesters late into the night. But the event put Anaheim in the international-media spotlight again for all the wrong reasons (see the KKK melee at Pearson Park in 2016, the Anaheim riots in 2012 and the Grand Funk Railroad riot in 1972). The Summer of the People continued with actions against Anaheim’s other big attractions—Angel Stadium and the Honda Center—all for being assholes to the homeless.

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