Best Prosecutor

Tall and charming, sharp-witted and tireless, veteran homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy has successfully handled so many of OC's most high-profile murder cases that he's probably worthy of his own television mini-series. In recent years, he has sent to Death Row Power Rangers actor Skylar Deleon (and co-conspirators) for tying a retired couple to their boat anchor and tossing them overboard into the depths of the Pacific Ocean in order to steal their yacht. Bi-coastal serial killer/rapist Rodney Alcala chose to represent himself against Murphy—and lost. It's not surprising that all of the major television-network news shows are preparing to attend Murphy's next big trial: the cold-case murder mystery of a wealthy Newport Beach/Las Vegas man. One of the accused killers is a former NFL linebacker, but he's never knocked heads with someone as tough as Murphy.

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