Best Proposition 8 Pundit

The UC Irvine law-school dean is the go-to source for the media whenever a new legal development occurs in the Proposition 8 debate. When a federal judge in San Francisco deemed the same-sex-marriage-denying voter initiative unconstitutional, Chemerinsky was among the first talking heads to note that Prop. 8 backers likely have no standing to argue an appeal because the original suit was filed not against them, but the governor and attorney general of California. And current Governor Arnold Schwarzengger and Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Jerry Brown indicated they would not fight to save Prop. 8. The debate about its standing is still being, uh, debated, and constitutional-law expert Chemerinsky has no doubts it will eventually rage all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, probably in a couple of years. In the meantime, Chemerinsky will continue to argue against Prop. 8 in print, online and over the airwaves—often with a friend of his as his adversary: former Chapman University Law School dean and the media's go-to H8er, John Eastman.

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