Best Politician

Having run a warped, money-hungry Irvine political machine that trampled the concept of public transparency and wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, Larry Agran wanted to maintain control over the city’s Democrats even after his forced retirement in the 2014 election. But this year, a fellow party member, first-term City Councilwoman Melissa Fox, let the 72-year-old former mayor know she isn’t one of his stooges, bucking him on his preferred location for a future veterans’ cemetery at the Orange County Great Park site. Most mature individuals wouldn’t go ballistic over such a non-dramatic issue, but Agran lost his marbles, questioning Fox’s integrity, drumming up disparaging media reports and ranting that his machine will crush her. Geez, Larry. Take a couple of deep breaths before we deliver the worst of the news to you: Now that Fox, a successful businesswoman and attorney, has set the example and isn’t afraid of your threats, other honest Democrats will follow her lead.

Readers’ Choice: Kamala Harris

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