Best Plant Store

The corner location of this Baker Street business is deceiving. It appears to be a somewhat small shop, but walk beyond the sheet-metal main building or through the back gates, follow the various paths winding in all directions, and discover just how sprawling the grounds really are. Hangar-sized buildings hold rows upon rows of flowering plants and trees. Much more are neatly arranged outdoors, under nets and alongside the winding paths. If you can name it, chances are it's here, whether it's decorative plants, hearty trees, or bountiful vegetable plants and seeds. Inside the various sheds, you'll find hundreds of plant accessories and unusual gifts. Indeed, if you don't know what to get that special someone, come here and find not only that, but also every present you will need to dole out for the next dozen years. Better to just take what you need now so you have an excuse to return.

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