Best Place to Use Your Fake ID

Because you've never been surprised by a 7-Eleven. Every sliding glass door is a portal to the same four walls, the same Slurpee machine, the same beef jerky, the same Hostess rack. It's like playing on home field. You get to avoid the faux-casual browse (no one believes you're trying to choose between Bugle chips and Miller High Life), as well as the terrifying prospect of panicking and grabbing the first thing you see. As soon as that reliable beeper sounds, it's a straight line to the Bud Lite, to the mangoritas and strawberritas, the IPAs and PBRs. There isn't much of a selection, sure, but you traded that for the security that day-old doughnuts and sealed-up Hustlers can provide. Besides, that lack of variety is more than accounted for in the freezer section. Pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry's and call it a failsafe: If you don't get into the party, if that guy/girl leaves with someone else, you've got 1,080 calories of Half-Baked waiting in the car.

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